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The Need Cash Now Problem

Jessie JamesHow much is enough? This is a question which many of us ask ourselves as we face a consumer fast cash society which seems hell bent on destroying itself. It seems as if there is in some people an empty space which they have to fill by constant shopping. Everywhere we turn, the worlds offers us just that one last thing which will make us feel happy. And of course, it never works, because, past a certain point – a roof over our heads, food to eat, health care, reasonable clothes and a modicum of entertainment – things in themselves just don’t make us happy.

And yet many people need cash now, because of this thirst for material things which can never satisfy us, end up hopelessly in debt, running up huge credit card debts and fast cash store bills which they actually have no chance of paying off each month. Credit card credit is among the most expensive you can get, and store card credit is even worse. Once you start paying off just the minimum each month, or maybe nothing at all, then you are at the beginning of serious financial trouble.

You need help – from a financial counselor and from a credit card debt consolidation agency. A Debt Consolidator will help you by taking over the management of your debts, reducing the outstanding interest and penalty charges wherever possible, and amalgamating your debt payments so that you have just one sum to pay out each month, which you pay to the agency, not direct to your debtors.

A Financial Counselor will support the work of the Debt Consolidation Agency by helping you to both understand your motivation for spending and to establish in you healthier spending habits.

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