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What To Do If You Hate Exercising

In a world of conveniences, sometimes exercise is the furthest thing from our minds. We all know we are supposed to do it, but it is easy to procrastinate the obvious, sometimes for years. One of the best ways to change the negative exercise attitude is to eliminate the pressure to be perfect or change everything right away. The goal in long-term exercise for health is to do what you love. If you hate it, you probably won’t stick with it.
Change Just One Thing
The great thing about exercise is that it will become something you crave once you do it enough and you find something you enjoy. Instead of thinking about what exercise you can do that you will like enough, try thinking about what you already love to do. Do you love photography? Cooking? Teaching? Implement your exercise into your passion. If you love photography, have a goal to take 100 photos a week in a place that you have to walk or hike to. If you love to cook, turn on the music and have a goal to not stop dancing until the cooking is done. If you love to teach children, teach them how to play a sport or take them on a nature walk.
Make The Most Of Your Routine
Once you have an idea that will get you moving, make sure to fuel your efforts with plenty of sleep and water. Sleep and proper hydration can help you stay physically fit without the exercise. Adding them both to your day and getting some walking or dancing in will have you loving life in just a few days.
If all else fails, fake it. Go out walking, speed walk if possible and make a goal to fake smile at 40 people. When you are done, you can go home. Don’t cheat and go to a crowded mall. Walk along the road or around a park. After a few days, you probably won’t be fake smiling anymore.

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